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From: dvdtknsn <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 07:09:43 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 18, 10:24 am, "Álvaro G. Vicario" <> wrote:
> El 17/01/2010 19:40, dvdtknsn escribi :
> >> Is there any free or open source tool I could use? I don't need it to
> >> have fancy graphics or make everything for me; any improvement over
> >> writing it all from scratch will be welcome. I'm interested in DB
> >> structure, not data.
> > Hi there,
> > Although it's won't be free when it is released, Schema Compare for
> > Oracle is currently free to use during its pre-release period, which
> > is now. You can download the latest build from the link below:
> >
> > Bear in mind that this is early access software, so please understand
> > that there may be bugs. Of course we'd be very interested if you would
> > give us your feedback if you choose to trial the tool.
> Will I be able to use my early access installation then the final
> version is released? I'm not very fond of using tools with expiration
> date...
> Whatever, the software looks promising although it considers that *all*
> the objects have changed if they are identical but belong to different
> databases. I guess two servers are required :-?

All early access builds are time-bombed as we want to avoid situations where users are reporting in problems with 'out of date' builds. However, as the product won't be available until Q2 this year, it will give you a few months of free usage, although you'll need to update to newer builds as they come out. Beyond that to carry on using the tool you would have to go down the path of requestiong trial extension serial numbers.

With regards to your objects being changed, I'm guessing that you mean within the stored procedures, your objects are listed as different because different schemas are referenced? If so, we're currently adding an option to fix this and remove these 'false positives'. If this isn't the issue would you be able to describe this issue in more detail on: and the project team will respond to you directly? All feedback is tremendously useful and should ensure the product meets your requirements as much as possible.

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