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From: Robert Klemme <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 23:22:46 +0200
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On 25.06.2009 18:34, Lee wrote:

> But how do I get the graph? Export the data as csv and import into an
> Excel sheet? OK, that would work, but shouldnt there be a slicker way to
> fly?

You can query the data directly from Excel via Oracle's ODBC driver. You can even make Excel update the data whenever the sheet is opened AFAIK.

Other than that there are also plotting packages around which can be used to generate graphs. For example, you can write a perl / ruby / phyton / your favorite scripting language with database support which extracts the data and prepares it for graphing.

You can also write SVG easily as it's XML. Plenty of options...

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