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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 14:16:59 +0200
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>> Hello!
>> I have a strange problem which look like this....
>> I print out the report into the screen (in Oracle Reports (Oracle 9.0))
>> and then
>> I print it out on the paper (this is: into the printer).
>> I also print out the report into the screen and then I saves it into the
>> pdf file.
>> My client told me that report printed out into the pdf file is OK, but
>> report
>> printed out into the paper & screen (this is into printer) is NOT OK.
>> I`ve checked and my client is right, because report printed out on the
>> paper
>> and screen contains different values than report printed out into the pdf
>> file.
>> Can you tell me what problem causes?
>> Why the same report created from the form with the same parameters sent
>> from form
>> into the report is different while it is saving into the PDF file and
>> while it is printing out
>> on the screen and paper.
>> Can you write me whether report generated on the screen and then saving
>> into the pdf
>> file is analysing database data once more or it creates pdf file basing
>> on the report which
>> I see on the screen without double database data analysing?
>> Thank you in advance
>> HC
>> .
> 1) You may have been fooled by the Application Server Cache or Browser
> Cache. Either the screen/printer output or the PDF output comes from the
> cache. I bet it's the PDF.
> Put a date of printing (timestamp) in your report header to check that.
> or 2)
> Your query could give new (updated) results when it is executed more than
> once. You can check this by running the report on screen twice in a row
> and see if the results differ too.
> Shakespeare
> Shakespeare


I need 3 hours to check it so I will come back to the problem on Monday.

Thank you Shakespear for quick response
I will inform you on the newsgroup what the result was. HC. Received on Fri Oct 10 2008 - 14:16:59 CEST

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