Re: ODBC Problems

From: Lee <>
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2007 09:56:43 -0500
Message-ID: <fjbmvm$mvc$> wrote:

> On Dec 6, 2:13 pm, Lee <> wrote:

>>I decided to give Altova's new "DataBase Spy" a test drive; but during
>>installation the application found only the Ms ODBC dricver for ORacle.
>>I chose "OK, use that one" and then got an error message about how
>>necessary Oracle client side component's werent there.
>>Curious, because I have Oracle Instant CLient installed.
>>I'm a bit fuzzy on the Instant client we need to set
>>an Oracle Home? Or put something on the execution path?
>>Sql*Dev by contrast has no problem and fires right up, as did a few
>>other third party products.
>>I dont know whether this really has anything to do with ALtova, or is a
>>more of a question of Microsoft ODBC drivers hot playing well with
>>Oracle or what.
>>Shouldnt I be dowloading Oracles ODBC drivers instead? And if I DO, do
>>I need to set any system magic (windows XP) to make the environemnt
>>aware that I've got the Oracle ODBC stuff in there?
>>Too many moving parts MOzart!
> Instant client isn't the full client, and some software products
> require the full Oracle client installation.  This, apparently, is one
> of them.
> I suggest you visit and download the full 10g or 11g
> client (which is bundled with the database server software) and
> install it.
> David Fitzjarrell

I took your advice:

I now have a directory tree under my root : c:\oracle\a whole bunch

I have the PATH set to the bin directory under all that (And I have tnsnames.ora set up too, but no tns_Admin environment variable, at least not one that I created)

I have ORACLE_HOME set

I can go to any directory, invoke
c:>sqlplus name/password_at_connectSTring and connect to my remote Oracle instance via Sql*Plus

But if I invoke the ODBC admisnitstarot (I can invoke it through the control panel etc without specifically involving Altova software), but I get the same probably bogus message about how an Oracle component has not been found.

I'm not well enough informed about how XP and ODBC work and play together to trouble shoot that effectively. Other XP boxes work just fine. I go to the ODBC administrator, set up a DSN and then the Altova tool communicates with my Oracle server with no apparent problem.

Clearly there's something nasty about the XP environment on that one miserable unit, but the error message must be bogus because even on that unit I can get to oracle via Sql*Plus.

I've "called for the marines" (i.e. coprorate help desk aka "grief counselors") but I've discovered that its better to be your own expert, just in case the officieally designated expert tries to blow smoke up your nose. Received on Fri Dec 07 2007 - 15:56:43 CET

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