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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 13:06:00 -0800
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[Quoted] Frank van Bortel wrote:

> DA Morgan wrote:
>> Agnes wrote:

>>> Hi
>>> I hope I am not sending this to the wrong group, but I need some help
>>> solving a problem.
>>> I'm supposed to create a graph which combines two sets of data, and I
>>> can't figure out how to do it, or if it's at all possible.
>>> The graph has to show actual time intervals for specific transaccions,
>>> as bars (different series possible for every transaccion), as well as
>>> overlap those bars with a line indicating the desired time intervall
>>> for the respective transaccion.
>>> A simple bar/line combination graph is eassy to make, but in this case
>>> there's under-elements in the real time-intervals, and no such for the
>>> desired time-intervalls, and whatever I try, the resulting graph is -
>>> to say it mildly - a mess.
>>> I'd be gratefull for any help solving this.
>>> Regards
>>> Agnes
>> Oracle 10g is a database not a report writing tool. What front-end
>> product do you intend to use to create the graph? Might I suggest
>> Oracle Discoverer, the Hyperion line of products, Oracle Reports,
>> Business Objects and Crystal Reports, etc.?
> Daniel! Read up on the product guide, and find Oracle Graphics!
> It's been a member of the Developer Suite since RPT/RPF, or thereabout.
> Didn't it replace OMA, or OPA back in the 80's
> I have not seen it so long I dare not just respond to the OP with
> a mere "goo luck" - I think knowledge of the product is hard, very
> hard to find.

If ever Oracle had a synapse-free brain-dead product that deserved to be buried in an unmarked grave ... Oracle Graphics was it. I built one application using it back in the 90's and after treatment for post-traumatic stress and a 12 step program gave it up.

Oracle's newer reporting products are a huge improvement. Heck almost everybody's reporting tools are a huge improvement.

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