MI5 Persecution: Brighton 24/9/98 (9183)

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Brighton Day Trip - 24/Sept/1998

Certainty level: 5%

On a day trip to Brighton, carrying a minidisc recorder, I managed to collect several indistinct instances of what I think were people swearing at me. Between the 0.5 and 1.5 second marks of the above recording is something that sounds like "nutter". I recorded at least three other much more obscene sexual words on the same day.

I don't honestly think the "nutter" recorded here is part of the conspiracy against me. I've been called similar things elsewhere, where it's been blindingly clear that the insult does form part of the conspiracy - but not in this case. This illustrates quite a worrying point - as a result of the many years of abuse "in public", I now sometimes simply don't know whether somebody is insulting me because they think I look like a dweeb, or whether the conspiracy is in action. Sometimes, due to background noise and people talking quietly relative to ambient noise, I can't be sure of what's being said, even after listening to it again on my minidisc. Or put another way, I now have a mild form of what I recognise to be occasional auditory delusions - but these are fuelled by the many years of actual verbal abuse.


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