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Virgin Radio-Johnny Boy (19/June/1999)

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I'm not quite sure about this one, so I've given it a one in three chance of being about me. First the background.... from mid-March 1999 for some three or four months, every weekend, I bombarded Westminster MPs with faxes about the terrible, all-encompassing MI5 Persecution. (Jesting aside, it really is terrible and all-encompassing, in the UK anyway.) Of course each week some MPs replied; but in June 1999, after I'd been at it some three months, I started getting "covert" feedback from Virgin Radio.

The first feedback I got was from Danny Baker, on Sunday 13th June. That weekend I was sending an article which contained biting criticism of the police inaction in this case. Danny Baker on his Virgin radio show started an angry rant that "he knows it's rubbish", ie. he was rubbishing what I'd said in that weekend's faxed article. Unfortunately I wasn't recording this programme.

The next possible Virgin-Radio feedback was a week later on 19th June 1999. This is contained in the audio file above, in which Johnny Boy on his "Wheels of Steel" programme says;

"and if you would like to put a triple play together, ahhh.... because quite frankly Hipster and me are running out of ideas...."

He goes on to counter Hipster's "how dare you" with a protestation that he is "only joking".

What I reckon is that my article faxed to MPs that weekend was forwarded by one of the recipients to Virgin Radio. My article had included the words;

"I am beginning to run out of both new topics and energy to write these articles."

So what I reckon is that Johnny Boy read the article.... and rephrased the above line "run out of ... new topics" to "running out of ideas". I recognise that this is a pretty tenuous inference to make.... but do listen to the audio file, from the "ahhh...." pause in JB's speech you can guess he is about to say something "risky" and at someone's expense. Anyway, I listen to the Wheels of Steel regularly and will continue to do so, recording it as I always do - so any future funny remarks will get immortalised on these pages!


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