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From: DA Morgan <>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 23:52:03 -0800
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Ana C. Dent wrote:

> Lee <> wrote in news:fgv7lr$er1$

>> shakespeare wrote:
>>> Back in the nineties, Oracle used to have a product called Oracle
>>> Mail, which was able to receive email (and yes: in the database). It
>>> became part of Oracle Interoffice (which died some years later).
>>> Don't know if it's still around as a product, but it is stil there as
>>> a part of Oracle Collaboration Suite (able to receive mail in the
>>> database). I had a customer who installed Coll. Suite for this
>>> purpose solely: they wanted to be able to start processes based on
>>> email. Installing OCS is quite a fuss, keeping it running even more,
>>> but it may be worth a try. You'll have to pay for it, though.
>>> Oracle Interconnect had an SMTP adapter (but that was in 2001). We
>>> never got it working, iirc it could not handle attachments.Could be
>>> part of BPEL now (does someone know?).
>> Thanks for the input.
>> Its beginning to look as if I'm not going to be able to do any
>> better
>> than my friend Rube (Golberg) after all.
> If  you don't mind reinventing the wheel, it would be possible to
> write a POP3 or IMAP client in PL/SQL using UTL_TCP.
> Both protocols are well defined standards.
> This would allow you to pull messages directly into a store procedure

And if you are going to reinvent ... why not just write it in Java? Or better yet C++ or C ... or better yet Assembly language. Reinvent all the way back to breadboards if you choose. <g>

Or, of course, spend a few dollars on Collab Suite but that would be sooooooo boring. <g>

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