MI5 Persecution: GLR: David Hepworth (21/Feb/1997) (1462)

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GLR-David Hepworth (21/Feb/1997)

Certainty level: 80%

I was listening to BBC Greater London Radio (GLR) by stealth, ie. on my walkman with headphones, with the sound turned right down, to prevent anyone from hearing what I was listening to. Yet somehow "they" are still able to tell what station I am listening to on the walkman. After half an hour or so listening to GLR, DJ David Hepworth came out with this;

"I assume Brian, do we have an embarrassment of prizes in there, we do, don't we, absolute obscene amounts of prizes, there will no doubt be a riot at the back door, and that's A-level coming up after this"

The key phrases in what he said are, "EMBARRASSMENT of prizes", and what he himself emphasised verbally, "ABSOLUTE OBSCENE amount of prizes". It is my belief (based on content and tone of voice) that when he spoke these phrases he knew I was listening, and that the phrases refer directly to my situation. The "EMBARRASSMENT" is the embarrassment he and other media people would feel at having their wrongdoing exposed; the "ABSOLUTE OBSCENE" (which he verbally emphasised) described the disgusting sexual abuse which the harassers have been throwing at me.

Of course, I can't prove that this is what he meant, although this has happened enough times that it's hard not to recognise it when you see it. I sent David Hepworth a copy of this explanation, with the results listed in a subsequent item (David Hepworth 9/May/1997).


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