MI5 Persecution: GLR: David Hepworth (9/May/1997) (2685)

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GLR-David Hepworth (9/May/1997)

Certainty level: 100%

This time I deliberately listened to Hepworth with the sound turned up on the radio, to try to get a reaction. Sure enough, he and his cronies reacted;

David: "we have executive drivetime, and we have Brian in charge of the prize cupboard. Brian it's not a bad prize cupboard this week is it?"  

Brian: "no David in fact it's an absolute (EMPHASIS) embarrassment (END-EMPHASIS) of prizes this evening" (laughter)  

David: "what have we got?"  

Brian: "well in my left hand alone we've got that .... Gary Clale, I don't know if you remember him obviously still alive and kicking.... and that's just in my left hand"

David: "So it's certainly worth competing. Rock and roll spelling test is your first opportunity to take advantage of this embarrassment of prizes"

What I "read into" this item should again be quite obvious. Remember, I sent off a letter of complaint to Hepworth after his spying activity during the previous show. Here the emphasis on "absolute embarrassment" of prizes shows he knows this is a "key" phrase.

It might be interesting to try to talk to DJs like Hepworth and ask them what they get out of abusing their listeners. But if you challenge them directly, they show their true colour (yellow) by either not answering the challenge, or by denying that harassment has taken place.


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