Re: FRM-40654: Record updated by another user error.

From: Frank van Bortel <>
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 10:27:50 +0200
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> Is there a way to suppress the "FRM-40654 Record has been updated by
> another user" error and automatically re-query when doing a save in
> forms? I have tried trapping the error in the on-error trigger and
> adding an execute_query at the end of the key-commit trigger, but so
> far not successful. We are using:
> Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)
> Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
> With the Partitioning option
> JServer Release - Production
> Oracle Toolkit Version (Production)
> PL/SQL Version (Production)
> Oracle Procedure Builder V10. - Production
Define "not successful" - other errors? If so which? If none - what behavior do you witness?

Did you change the message level to suppress the error?

In general, I would not want to suppress this error by simply re-querying; I'd at least have the opportunity to jot down what I'd entered so far.
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