MI5 Persecution: A new Kafka? 3/10/95 (5088)

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In article <DGE7uJ.8tF.0.bloor_at_torfree.net> bu765_at_torfree.net (Mike Corley) writes:
>Strangers in the street have recognized me on sight many times, and shown
>awareness of the current thread of abuse. To give you one example, in 1992
>I was seriously ill, and a manager at work somewhat humouroursly said that
>"it wasn't fair" that people were bullying me. A few days later, I
>attended for the first time a clinic in London as an outpatient, and on my
>way out was accosted by someone who asked if "they had paid my fare", with
>emphasis on the word "fare". He repeated the word several times in this
>different context; that they should have paid my "fare", each time
>emphasising the word.
>For two and a half years from the time their harassment started until
>November 1992 I refused to see a psychiatrist, because I reasoned that I
>was not ill of my own action or fault, but through the stress caused by
>harassment, and that a lessening of the illness would have to be
>consequent to a removal of its immediate cause, in other words a cessation
>of harassment. I also reasoned that since they were taunting me with jokes
>about mental illness, if I were to seek treatment then the abusers would
>think that they had "won" and been proved "right".

<I've deleted a lot, but I think this gives the idea>

I have so far not contributed to this tread, it has been unpleasant in my opinion. However, I was struck by the resemblance of the above passages to the writing of Franz Kafka.

Viz. while from an objective viewpoint it seems to refer to a abnormal world, in a strange way it does resonate strongly at other levels.

Mr. Corley, have you tried to write for publication? I honestly think it might lead somewhere positive.

Dick Jackson (serious for a change and expecting to get beaten up)

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