Problem with functions getting invalidated

From: Raghav <>
Date: 11 Jan 2007 03:11:12 -0800
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] Hi guys,

I have three databases...

A, B, C

A has two schema a1 and a2.

a1 is my test environment and has synonyms to B (using db links)

a2 is my dev environment and has synonyms to C (using db links)

the problem that i am facing is...

when i compile function f1 in a1 it compiles fine, but the function in f2 becomes invalid. The same is true vice versa. i.e. I compile f1 in a2 and its fine, but f1 in a1 becomes invalid.

since there are no errors at the time of compilation, your suggestions cannot really be THE solution to situation. What I look for is, for what reason the other schema's f1 gets invalidated. I believe the oracle metadata stores that kind of info.

Looking forward to your responses...

raghav.. Received on Thu Jan 11 2007 - 12:11:12 CET

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