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From: jccs05 <>
Date: 1 Dec 2006 11:34:24 -0800
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I have figured out the sorting problem which turned out to be straightforward.

You mentioned that it should auto complete/detect by default....

In Forms 6i, it behaves somewhat like it should.

For example if you had a list in a drop down box consisting of [apple, banana, orange], in 6i, if you typed in 'ba' and hit the drop down arrow, it would automatically highlight and choose 'banana'.

In 10g, if you typed in 'ba', and hit the drop down arrow, it wouldn't highlight anything. Instead you'd have to type in the complete word 'banana' in order for it to highlight 'banana'. Any ideas as to why this is? If it should detect by default, I'm not sure why it isn't...

Thanks in advance
On Nov 30, 4:48 pm, DA Morgan <> wrote:
> jcccs05 wrote:
> > I had two questions:
> > I am working in Oracle Forms 10g and I am successful in populating the
> > item list with values queries from a database.
> > i.e. select column1, column2 from tablename order by 1
> > My question is the following: Is it possible to commingle the sorted
> > values. In other words, I have upper and lower case values in tablename
> > and when they're ordered, the upper cases appear first and then the
> > lower case. Is there anyway to not have oracle do that and instead sort
> > them alphabetically regardless of case?Depends on the version of Oracle and your NLS settings.
> But why have options in upper and lower case? This would appear to
> conflict with good design. One up with a single standard for values
> in loop-ups and set everything that way using UPPER, LOWER, or
> > Secondly, is there a way in Oracle Forms 10g to implement in a
> > list-item an auto detect/complete feature? Right now, the drop down
> > lists behave in such a way that it does not highlight the most closely
> > matched value. It only highlights when you type in a word or select a
> > word that is already in the list. I want it to be able to auto
> > detect/complete and highlight possible matches for queries you have
> > made...I hope that makes sense.
> > Any help with the first issue would be appreciated. Thanks.It should do this by default ... what have you changed?
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