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Date: 25 Aug 2006 01:19:35 -0700
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EJT schreef:

> What is the downside of using Oracle Forms? Does it not fit into todays
> MVC/Model View Controller world?

[Quoted] No, but it is not needed.

> I have been an Oracle Forms user for at least 10 years but today the
> talk of Forms is near dead. Even Oracle doesn't push it as much as they
> did in the 90's. In '95 Oracle pushed Dev/2000/CDE like God himself
> sanctioned it.

[Quoted] Look at oracle Apps, oops, eBusiness Suite. As long as they run forms, forms isn't dead. Heck there was even a SQL*Forms V2.4, which was Y2K compliant! V2.3 was pronounced dead in the late 80's, iirc. Just an illustration of how important the eBS is...

> Is the concept of a simple forms hitting a database, a dead idea that
> doesn't fit into todays 'EJB/over-complicate everything needlessly'
> paradigm?

[Quoted] Nicely put :) Of course, forms nowadays run like a servlet (?) within a container.

I would reconsider the use of Forms for new projects. However, looking at the amount of experience you have with Forms, you could probably come up with a working prototype faster than a Java development effort - especially when Java/EJB/J2EE is all new for you/your development team. That also is a project consideration. Received on Fri Aug 25 2006 - 10:19:35 CEST

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