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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:19:46 -0400
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> EJT schreef:

>> What is the downside of using Oracle Forms? Does it not fit into todays
>>   MVC/Model View Controller world?

> No, but it is not needed.
>> I have been an Oracle Forms user for at least 10 years but today the
>> talk of Forms is near dead. Even Oracle doesn't push it as much as they
>> did in the 90's. In '95 Oracle pushed Dev/2000/CDE like God himself
>> sanctioned it.

> Look at oracle Apps, oops, eBusiness Suite. As long as they run forms,
> forms isn't dead. Heck there was even a SQL*Forms V2.4, which was
> Y2K compliant! V2.3 was pronounced dead in the late 80's, iirc.
> Just an illustration of how important the eBS is...

You know, following any of Oracle's lead is dangerous. Oracle people are whores that will just put out anything that will sell. Yesterday it was this then it is client/server then its OOP, then its grid then its something else. Which ever way the wind blows..

While eBusiness Suite may use Forms now, Oracle may already be working to re-architect it to use who knows, EJBs, EJB 3.0 or on the Spring Framework or pick the next trend. Then they will drop Forms because it doesn't fit into the "new paradigm" because the paradigm "shifted."

In my opinion, there is very little academic basis for Oracle's product strategy. Its purely marketing-whore driven based on the whims of the user community.


>> Is the concept of a simple forms hitting a database, a dead idea that
>> doesn't fit into todays 'EJB/over-complicate everything needlessly'
>> paradigm?

> Nicely put :) Of course, forms nowadays run like a servlet (?) within
> a container.
> I would reconsider the use of Forms for new projects. However,
> looking at the amount of experience you have with Forms,
> you could probably come up with a working prototype faster
> than a Java development effort - especially when Java/EJB/J2EE
> is all new for you/your development team.
> That also is a project consideration.
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