Re: How to trigger Informatica from OAE ?

From: Pete <>
Date: 7 Aug 2006 10:55:56 -0700
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Then you could go into the Application Express Forum and ask the

...Pete Potocko

John Burke wrote:

> Hello
> We will be using Oracle Application Express (OAE) to upload a tab
> delimited text file. After performing some simple validations on the
> data uploaded, OAE will write the data rows to a table in the Oracle
> database.
> At this point, we would like to kick off an Informatica mapping which
> will read the data from this table, perform some more validations and
> transformations, and load it into the final tables.
> We want as small a delay as possible between the time the user uploads
> the file and the time it is loaded into the final table(s) in the
> database.
> The reason for not developing stored procedure(s) is that we want to
> leverage the vast Informatica code that already exists.
> What are the different ways (assuming there are some) that an OAE screen
> could trigger an Informatica mapping ?
> Your responses to the newsgroup are greatly appreciated.
> Thank you.
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