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From: HansF <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 22:56:25 GMT
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On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 10:08:35 -0800, Dave.Net wrote:

> I am a developer in a small college and we are considering purchasing
> the Oracle Portal as our enterprise portal solution. We use ASP.NET as
> our development tool of choice and have no desire to change. My
> questions are
> 1. Does the Oracle Portal support these .net web applications ?

Portal supports Web Services. .net supports Web Services.

The bulk of portal concept is to provide an HTML shell around whateeeever services.

> 2. How well do they work together?

If the Web Services are well behaved, I am not aware of any problems.

> 3. What will I be able to do in the java created portlets that I wont
> be able to do with portlets that have an app in.

I envision two conflicting Single Sign-On mechanisms. Other than that, it's pretty similar.

In general, I am amused by C# - it certainly looks and feels like Java disguised to avoid the Sun-Microsoft "you can't call it Java if you dont go for certification" battle.

The problem is that .net does NOT provide all the infrastructure that Java provides, as .net assumes it'll be provided by the OS [aka vendor lock-in]. Therefore, there will be subtle gotchas when trying to deploy a .net app directly into Portal. However, using the Web Services (WS) trick, the problem should just about disappear.

I'd probably deploy 95% of all non-WS portlets using PL/SQL anyway, 'cause I'm that kinda guy <g>

You may want to ask this over in the OTN Discussion Forum for Portal (over at There are a lot of discussions around this area and notes about problems that have been dete4cted and corrected.

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