Re: Do Raptors eat T.O.A.D.s?

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Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 18:29:43 GMT
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On Thu, 12 Jan 2006 07:04:51 -0800, uv_katastrophe wrote:

> So we were not forgotten, but intentionally ignored. I guess that is
> an important distinction in Farsi.


One way to look at this:

  You have elected to ignore them when they announced desupport and   followed through. Thay are returning the kindness.

Another way to look at this (and especially recognizing that it is beta):

  The team doing the development has apparently decided to ensure that   the limited resources be assigned first to supporting that which is   current, rather than that which is obsolete.

  By analogy - if you had one portable can of gasoline - I feel reasonably   sure that your spouse would rather have you put that gas in the car you   drive now, rather than the one you put up on blocks in your back yard   last year for your mechanically-minded kids to work on.

  Based on your comment and the implied priorities, I assume you would   put the gas into the car on blocks, even if it means the car you drive   stays empty.

Actually - 8i IS possible. Connections are established, and those areas that are forward compatible are useable. I just don't expect it to do PL/SQL syntax checking, and other things, on features that are now obsolete.

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