Contour Components Releases CubeMaker 2.0.3 Boosted For Oracle.

From: Vladimir Nekrasov <>
Date: 4 Feb 2005 03:23:57 -0800
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] February 03, 2005  

Dear news readers,
Contour Components Ltd is pleased to announce the last release of Contour CubeMaker v2.0.3, now with embedded option for fast Oracle access. This command-line tool produces Contour microcubes - multidimensional databases
that contain both data and metadata describing the user interface layouts.
These very compact cubes can then be transferred via the Internet or attached to an email message for use in a ContourCube application providing interactive analysis and reporting. Using Contour CubeMaker in
conjunction with a ContourCube- powered application allows users to create
and update Web pages that provide data filtering and summarizing capabilities to a wide range of users, Windows applications for corporate
users, Internet/Intranet sites with downloadable microcubes, mailing systems for report distribution.  

What's new in CubeMaker 2.0.3
Now with Direct Oracle Access library built into Contour CubeMaker, you
may incredibly boost data loading from Oracle databases. You have no more
to compose long and complicated connection strings to your Oracle - with
this new feature, it is enough to specify just the database name. Download
Contour CubeMaker 2.0.3 now and get boosted!

See complete list of changes and bugfixes in CubeMaker at

Go to Contour CubeMaker Home Page

How to get Contour CubeMaker

As always, Contour CubeMaker is available just in time in three simple steps:

Yours sincerely

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