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From: PoppaSmurf <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 06:03:39 GMT
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kms news wrote:
> Can someone give me an explanation of what oracle is. What is the difference
> between it and windows. Why would a company want to use Oracle? I have never
> used it and am looking for work. I want to be familiar with it and what it
> is used for.
> K

Oracle is:

  1. A company
  2. A relational database management system
  3. A series of technologies produced by Oracle (as in #1)
  4. A set of applications that competes with SAP, Siebel, Commerce 1 etc.
  5. A way of life

Windows is something you look through while wishing you could get at an Oracle. It is also something that occasionally can help get at the data being managed and protected by the Oracle.

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