Re: Make Oracle AR applications working read-only

From: Steven Kondolf <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 03:55:29 GMT
Message-ID: <>

As Oracle AR is part of the applications suite of "canned" software supplied by Oracle Corp, I wouldn't think you'd want to make the database tables "read only" but rather you'd want to control the users from being able to manipulate the data thru the applications front end.

That usually falls under the control of the Applications System Administrator. They have the ability to assign query only responsibilities to users so they don't have access to the "maintenance" forms that would actually allow them to change data in the system. Or the sys admin could define custom functions that accomplish the same thing.

On 27 Nov 2004 17:52:57 -0800, "SW" <> wrote:

>Hi There,
>I am quite new to Oracle AR application as I am an Oracle DBA. We are
>running Oralce AR. My question is:
>Is there any way to make Oracle AR application working read-only? I
>want the users using Oracle AR to be still able to work with it and
>retrieve data, but block them from updating, inserting & deleting data
>against the backend AR DB.
>Since Oracle AR users don't have their own DB account in the database,
>they connect to a common DB account (APPS? Is that right?). I am not
>sure how to make this readonly request happen and which one below is
>1. Revoke all the writable privilege from the common DB account
>Would this cause Oralce AR to behave improperly? Some packages,
>procedures & functions may turn out to be invalid?
>2. Make the related tablespaces read-only
>Thanks in advance!
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