Make Oracle AR application read-only

From: SW <>
Date: 27 Nov 2004 17:52:20 -0800
Message-ID: <>

[Quoted] Hi There,

I am quite new to Oracle AR application as I am an Oracle DBA. We are running Oralce AR. My question is:
Is there any way to make Oracle AR application working read-only? I want the users using Oracle AR to be still able to work with it and retrieve data, but block them from updating, inserting & deleting data against the backend AR DB.
Since Oracle AR users don't have their own DB account in the database, they connect to a common DB account (APPS? Is that right?). I am not sure how to make this readonly request happen and which one below is applicable:
1. Revoke all the writable privilege from the common DB account Would this cause Oralce AR to behave improperly? Some packages, procedures & functions may turn out to be invalid? 2. Make the related tablespaces read-only

Thanks in advance! Received on Sun Nov 28 2004 - 02:52:20 CET

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