Re: Oracle - import of dmp-files change the table name

From: Turkbear <>
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 09:50:44 -0500
Message-ID: <> (Matthias Maschke) wrote:

>I have a problem importing a dmp-file back to the database.
>I have only one database available and have a set of dmp-files with
>backuped data (only one table in the file). To make some research on
>the data I have to reimport some of the backup files to the database
>and add some data from other tables (the actual data and the one in
>the backupped which is not yet sored in a dmp-file).
>Because there is new data coming to the system I am not able to use
>the table the dmp-file was created from. So I want to import the data
>to another table for example:
>The table DATAARCHIVE was exported to a dmp-file.
>I need data from the actual table DATAARCHIVE and the table DATA.
>I want to restore the dmp-file to the table DATASEARCH so that I can
>add the information from the other tables without "NULL in column xyz
>is not allowed" or making the data in TFPLARCHIVE inconsistent or
>rebackup the data with the next creation of a dmp-file (which I don't
>The environment is too large and with too many dependecies nobody
>knows, so I am not allowed to change the structure of the database or
>a table or removing Indexes. It is also not possible to stop the
>database. It's an Oracle 8.1.7 .
>Is there a solution? I tried to rename the table name in the dmp-file
>but after that I got errors while importing (header not valid or
>problems with the character set). I read the oracle documentation for
>"import" but I was not able to find a possibility to choose another
>table name (maybe I am just blind).
>Thanks a lot in advance.

[Quoted] If allowed, create a new user then use the TO=newuser FROM=olduser IMP command line options to import the tables into the new user's schema..

By granting the correct permissions you can 'see' both tables ... Received on Wed Sep 08 2004 - 16:50:44 CEST

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