Forms Builder: open form as child, but run procedure in main form

From: mangozero <>
Date: 16 Apr 2004 00:59:44 -0700
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[Quoted] I have a problem in Oracle Forms Builder 6. I have an application that should start an oracle stored procedure and should show meanwhile the progress of that procedure in a second form. I created both forms, I can open the child form, but I cannot run the procedure.

I have following ideas that I cannot realize:

  1. From the 'MAIN' form I open the form 'PROGRESS'. The progress form will be visible, but I execute the procedure in the 'main' form. The progress form will query a table where the procedure writes some status messages. After the procedure is finished I close the progress form again. eg: open_form('PROGRESS', ACTIVATE, SESSION); start_procedure; close_form('PROGRESS');

2. Or a second idea is to run the procedure in the background (but I don't know how?). then open the progress form and display the status. i would imagine there is a functionality, which starts a procedure and doesn't wait for the result, but continues to execute the pl/sql block.

Because I was not able to realize any of my ideas, I would be pleased, if someone could help me in solving any of the ideas.

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