Sun Ultra 2 no ok prompt

From: rleenshs1 <>
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:09:01 -0600
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[Quoted] [Quoted] I bought a SUN Ultra 2 Enterprise 297MHz, 1GB RAM from ebay. Booted up no problem. Took computer apart to see how it goes together. Cleaned out what little dust it had. Looked pretty clean. Boots up to the "Initializing Memory". Once finished the line is blank with no "ok" prompt. Took out all the memmory and tested it on a working system at work. Memmory is good. Put in a good working harddrive from work. Still no "ok" prompt. Tried using "Stop and A" on bootup before "Initializing Memory" and I got the "ok" prompt. Typed in "set-defaults" pressed enter and got a "VRAM" message. Then I typed in "reset-all" system reboots but hangs after the "initializing memory" still no "ok" prompt. Is it the motherboard? Should I sell the good parts back to ebay? I need help. I am trying to teach myself Sun PC's and Solaris.


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