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From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:07:52 -0800
Message-ID: <1076544426.873570_at_yasure>

Ron wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,

My colleagues don't spam.

> We would like to contribute to DBA community small and free SQL Formatter -
> sqlReview.

[Quoted] Which would be fine if you weren't pushing traffic to your for-profit we have a product to sell web site.

> Tools is designed to get unformatted SQL and convert it to more readable
> form.

Just like the formatters sold by every other for-profit company on the planet.

Did you post this in response to an OP's request or is this a promotion by and for your company? Don't bother answering ... we already know.

> Tool shows itself as a big time saver

Marketing hype.

More marketing hype.

> Written in Java it can be run on Windows or Linux or (supposedly) any other
> platform that supports JVM.

[Quoted] Supposedly. Ooh this thing must have been tested really really well.

> sqlReview is available for immediate download at

Yep that was my spam to get you to my for-profit site.

> If you think, that any other function should be added or existing functions
> changed, please send message to with the
> "sqlReview" in subject.

If you think our product needs more features before we start selling it for money please let us know.

> Regards,
> Support

Is spamming usenet groups now a "Support" function Ron?

This is offensive. We tried to steer you in the right direction. You indicated you understood. Apparently your desire to spam overcame any real sense of community or desire to help others. And you just couldn't be bothered, once again, to observe the posted FAQ and not spam us.

As you have intentionally violated the rules our patience is gone.

Please go away until you learn how to play well with others. And hopefully no one will visit your web site in retaliation for the fact that you were so rude.

Daniel Morgan
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