Re: Oracle Forms vs Visual Studio .Net

From: Greg Forestieri <>
Date: 26 Jan 2004 10:43:00 -0800
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> In article <1074875099.100517_at_yasure>, Daniel Morgan <> wrote:
> >Your point is well made. And in the extreme situation you would be
> >correct. But in the case of what we are discussing here ... certainly we
> >are not talking about a skill as widespread as VB or .NET because
> >Microsoft is, after all, the world's largest software house.
> >But we are talking about software made by the second largest on the
> >planet. Not the 10th or 100th ... the 2nd largest. It is core technology
> >in Oracle's own applications and is extremely widespread in corporate,
> >non-profit, and government usage. If you can make your argument
> >My point being your argument is valid only if taken to the extreme. And
> >at that extreme I would agree with you.
> I'm not sure why my argument must already be at some "extreme" to be valid.
> Simply do a search for "oracle forms" jobs vs. ".NET" jobs. It's
> better than 6 to 1 today in favor of .NET. And just because Forms is not dead
> yet doesn't mean that it's not headed that way. Maybe you're right, maybe
> not... one can only put oneself in the minds of IT managers and watch the
> trends. Right now, IMHO, I feel the trend is moving away from Oracle Forms,
> while .NET is gaining momentum. Your opinion is different, I guess.

[Quoted] Someone else brought this up already, that is, that the issue is not so much Forms vs. .NET. They really don't go head to head that much. [Quoted] It's more J2EE vs. .NET. Forms is it's own market, which really never has been "huge" in the sense that .NET could become huge someday (and is seeming to be on it's way there already in some regards). Don't get me wrong I love Forms, it's great in a lot of apps, but internet and large intranets is not one of them.

I believe .NET will be successful but that as the use of non-IE browsers continues to slowly increase it may be a somewhat risky proposition, of course depending upon your own company's circumstances. If you require IE as part of your platform, you're in the clear. In our case we do both J2EE and .NET, both with Oracle as the backside. :)

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