Re: choices regarding where to place code - in the database or middletier

From: Joe Weinstein <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 09:10:06 -0800
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[Quoted] Daniel Morgan wrote:

Hi Daniel. I hope my other response was clear, and this one of yours is clearer than your first.

> You either fully embrace a software and leverage it for all of its
> scalability, security, and performance features or you are leaving money
> on the table.

[Quoted] Only in a simple one-vendor environment. If you are using more than one product, both may offer some same bit of functionality, and perhaps you cannot use them redundantly, but must choose one or other. In this case, the money you paid one of the vendors for the feature is already lost. You will presumably choose to use the one that either works best, or provides some side benefit.

> The word "complete" has no value. How should it be
> interpreted ... Use 78.2% of the features but not all? Maybe only 74.5%.
> I know he used the word ... but it provides not a single bit of clarity.
> It still translates to "don't take maximum advantage of proprietary
> features".

Let me make it clearer. It should be clear and obvious that the simple bank+tellers OLTP benchmark in TPC-C can, and has been completely implemented with Oracle software. In that configuration, Oracle's features, proprietary or not, have been used to their utmost. However, when the stopwatch meets the marketing department, it appears that Oracle did it's best by leaving some existing oracle functionality on the table, and going so far as pay for some outside replacement functionality.

    Therefore, the percentage you seek, 78.2% or 74.5% (or 30%) etc, depends on the specific application, but we know that 'complete' is undesirable. It means 100%, and only the DBMS or middleware bigot say you should shower with only the hot or cold.
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