Re: choices regarding where to place code - in the database or middletier

From: Daniel Morgan <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 01:30:46 -0800
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[Quoted] Andrey wrote:

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>>Joe Weinstein wrote:
>>>Sure! *I* tend to council against complete DBMS independence. This is
> not

>>>for love or preference for a given DBMS product, but in acknowledgement
>>>that a significant portion of the DBMSes capabilities are presented in a
>>>proprietary way.
>>What you are counselling is that people write some of the worst possible
>>code and NOT take advantage of those features and capabilities that make
>>a product worth the money.
>>And just because at some point years later they MIGHT decide to change
>>to another product where they can once again write mediocre code with
>>minimal performance and scalability.
>>On one hand you toot BEA's horn by saying the Oracle gets its best
>>performance with BEA. Then you advise removing the beast's teeth and
> claws.

>>Sounds a bit schizophrenic to me. Buy my product because it makes Oracle
>>blazingly fast ... but when you implement it ... don't take advantage of
>>any of those features that make it blazingly fast.
> Dear Daniel! Please, provide examples of what you name "blazinly fast"
> middleware products, made by Oracle.
> Is it OAS ? Surely not.
> So, even I DO NOT use BEA, I must admitt that you denying criticism is
> groundless.

Try not to jump into the middle of a conversation without reviewing it from the beginning. Not one of my sentences has referred to Oracle's middle ware. We have been discussing BEA's and its use in Oracle's TPC benchmarks.

Daniel Morgan
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