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From: Carlos <>
Date: 14 Dec 2003 23:59:34 -0800
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Mikhail Pachkov <> wrote in message news:<>...
> (Carlos) writes:
> > Priviet!
> Привет! :-)
> > Though Developer is the most likely guilty, you should check out
> > another alternatives regarding the DB. You can read a little in post
> > 'TNS-12571 when editing text boxes in developer 6i ...'
> I have found that thread, but I have different problem. First of all I
> do not get the "TNS-12571" message. It seems to be some malfunctioning
> of java code, since it is actuaaly crahses at exit with the same
> message to console. Perhaps there are some magic enviromental variables
> which solve that problem,
> > Oracle DB server software version does matter (You did not inform
> > about that), and (in my case) installation order does matter too. Also
> > the Operating system(s) involved.
> Oracle Development Suit 9i (release 9.0.2). System: linux 2.4.23,
> Slackware-current. Database (Release and Dev. Suit were
> installed with gcc-2.95.3 and binutils- Dev. Suit
> was installed after installation of Oracle.
> > I've often found 'segmentation errors' because of the UNICODE
> > CHARACTER SET used (again, you did not inform about that).
> Can you tell me how can I check this (and change)? In NLS options I
> found language set to AMERICAN.
> Thank you!
> Mikhail

Check out NLS_CHARACTER_SET at the DB side. This *cannot* be directly changed (actually It can, but don't tell Sybrand Bakker). If the DB has AL32UTF8 or UTF8 as character set this is *unicode*. You can change it by export/import in a new instance configured this way.

I recommend you to patch to or, at least, to your DB software. (This was the magic medicine for us.)

Check out your JAVA_SHARED_POOL size too.

Greetings from Spain. Received on Mon Dec 15 2003 - 08:59:34 CET

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