Re: Developer 6.0 question

From: Walter Dorninger <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 20:03:04 +0200
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Hi Lev !

currently Oracle follows the stategy to separate the products in different ORACLE_HOME directories - so simply install the developer in a second ORACLE_HOME e.g. You can specify the new ORACLE_HOME during the Developer 6.0 Installation. (by the way Oracle ships an Oracle-Home-Selector with Oracle 8i - this tool is used to switch between 2 or more Oracle home directories

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Lev Munits <> wrote in message news:Ur2x3.8223$
> Hi,
> When installing upgrade for Business Intelligence Tools for Win NT, I
> experienced the following problem: when loading Oracle Reports 6.0 CD the
> following message was displayed:
> "Oracle has detected a release database in the Oracle home in
> which you are installing. If you proceed with installation, Required
> Files will be installed over Required Support Files
> break your existing database. If you wish to keep a database intact, we
> recommend installing into a new Oracle home."
> Does anyone know if Developer 6.0 and Oracle can co-exist in the
> same Oracle_Home directory? If not, can the database be migrated to
> release? Or, do I really need a separate home for Developer 6.0?
> Thanks, Lev
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