Re: Enterprise Manager in 8.1.5?

From: Randall J. Parr <RParr_at_TemporalArts.COM>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 09:17:35 -0500
Message-ID: <37C54C7F.B6CF9267_at_TemporalArts.COM>

Jack Zhu wrote:

> I just installed Oracle 8.1.5i enterprise version into my Linux RH6.0
> box successfully. According to the docs, the Oracle Enterprise Manger
> should be included, My question is:
> Is OEM for Linux a graphic tool? How can I call OEM? 'cause there're
> lots of changes between 7 version and 8i. I check out the
> $ORACLE_HOME/bin, and really don't know which file I should call to
> trigger OEM.

It appears that OEM is not actually included with Oracle 8i for Linux (despite the documentation).

OEM 2.0.4+ is a JAVA tool but is only available for Win95/NT or Solaris installation. If you try and install the Solaris version on Linux the Oracle Installer detects this and complains.

I have heard of one person (on newsgroup for Linux) who tried moving OEM (after installed on Solaris) over to Linux (afterall its Java, right) but it appears to be missing one library file (must depend on a JNI native library or something).

OEM 2.0.4 IS quite a nice tool, if you're administering from Solaris or NT. Its really too bad as they appear to have made it 99% portable (via Java) and then, as I've come to expect, dropped the ball.

Please let me know if you find OEM for Linux (or that last library needed to use the Solaris version)

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