DataMart Suite V2.0 Server installation

From: Lev Munits <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 03:34:40 GMT
Message-ID: <kB2x3.8244$>


I cannot connect to demo DMDB database which was created upon DataMart software installation on WinNT workstation. After the installation, I modified TNSNAMES.ORA and LISTENER.ORA in NET8 directory in order to use TCP-LOOPBACK configuration for DMDB. When trying to connect, I am getting "ORA-01034 Oracle is Unavailable" error message.

After inspection of Database directory I discovered that CTL1DMDB.ORA and CTL2DMDB.ORA files were missing.

Has anyone experienced problems similar problems with DataMart 2.0 suite?

Thanks, Lev Received on Thu Aug 26 1999 - 05:34:40 CEST

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