HELP NEEDED: Anyone running WEB FORMS 2.1 under solaris

From: Bob Bonehead <>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 02:03:07 GMT
Message-ID: <>


We are moving from client server (Forms 4.5) to oracle developper server. We are planning to deploy on developper 2000 servr v 2.1 under solaris because we assume it is more stable than 6.0

What do you think of this ?

Also, I presume I'm better using jinitiator that the oracle JDK appletviewer ?

Last but nor least:

When I start the forms server on my solaris sever:

nohup f50ctl port=9000 log=/var/tmp/f50s.log & (Or simply /var/tmp)

It works fine, but the docs said I was supposed to get a log in /var/tmp/f50s.log and there is NOTHING. I searched oracle support and found nada. I would really like to have a log of some sort in order to determine what goes wrong when the server crashes, etc...

If anyone has a GOOD set of links relating to oracle web forms development + deployment, please share with me

Thanks !

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