Re: OpenCursors - ORA-1000

From: liberty <>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 07:54:43 +0200
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In the File "init"$ORACLE_SID".ora

Just Add line "For example"

open_cursors = 400

Steve Cosner <> a écrit dans le message : QMYv3.106$
>In article <>,
>Thomas Kyte <> wrote:
>>On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 11:43:10 +0100, Thomas Kunetz wrote:
>>>I have a java server which requests an Oracle database. Sometimes I have
>>>this Error:
>>> java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded
>>>but I close all the statements and resultsets.
>>>Thanks for your help.
>> you can select that value from v$parameter.
>> it is settable in the init.ora. I set mine to about 1000 for example.
>> You most likely are missing some cursors (letting them go out of
>> scope, closing the result set but not the statement and so on). to
>> find these, dump the v$open_cursor table for your session evernow
>> and then from another session (select sql_text from v$open_cursor
>> where user_name = 'YOUR APPS USERNAME' for example) and track down
>> the queries that are really not being closed.
>Some Oracle applications (Forms, for example) leave cursors open in
>their automatic processing, especially LOV's, and the Oracle-released
>default value of 50 is never enough to run Forms of significant
>complexity. We have checked here, and none of our explicitly written
>cursors are open when we get the ORA-01000 message. It has been some
>time since I checked, but I think that even cursors explicity closed
>can show up in the list of open cursors, so it the connection between
>closing a cursor and the count of open cursors may not be as
>straightforward as one would expect.
>Steve Cosner
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