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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 16:38:33 GMT
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Yes! LOV Can slow down the performance of Forms, since it creates record group, and we do n't know whe exactly it destroys the record group. So the Either u can have Long List property true or u can call a form in Enter QUery mode.

Hope this will help you.

PS Narayanan

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> Azizi Thaiyub <> wrote:
> >I heard that LOV can rely slow down the forms performance. Can
anybody help
> >explaining to me about it and also give an example.
> If the LOV is linked to a record group that will select more than a
> hundred rows, then it will slow down performance, since the LOV and
> validation assigned to it will cause the form to select all rows into
> the client's memory.
> In such cases, do not set the LOV FOR VALIDATION property to True.
> And if you do provide the LOV, consider setting the LONG LIST LOV
> property to True.
> Please use the newsgroup for Forms
> questions.
> Steve Cosner
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