Re: Execute Query upon Form Entry ?

From: Paul Q <>
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 00:05:29 GMT
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 hmmm.... EXECUTE_QUERY.

Wayne McKinney wrote in message <7pkj5r$17k0$>...
>Maybe I've used Forms 3.0 too much, but that version of Forms had in it
>where the form could do an EXECUTE_QUERY in the PRE_FORM trigger (I think
>that's what it was called back then) - thereby enabling you to call up
>records immediately after you enter the form. The user wouldn't have to do
>a thing.
>Now, Forms 5.0 doesn't let you do this same thing. I'd like to have a form
>that, upon entry, a set of default records are queried up for the user.
>This should happen automatically upon navigation into the form.
>How could this be done with a base-table block?
>Wayne McKinney
>Tempora Resources, LTD
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