Re: Change the default password for INTERNAL.

From: Glenn Heinze <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 10:53:41 -0400
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[Quoted] I believe the internal password is only an issue on NT. I don't have an NT [Quoted] instance to test this on, but I did pull this out of my notes (what I am saying is that you will want to test first on an test database):

On NT, the internal password file can be changed by executing the following, [Quoted] provided external verification is not used:

oradim80 -delete -sid <sid>
oradim80 -new -sid <sid> -intpwd <new password>

Otherwise 'orapwd80' needs to be used. This modifies the hidden file'pwd<sid>.ora' and sets internal and sys to the specified password:

orapwd80 file=...\dbs\pwd<sid>.ora password=<newpass> maxusers=5

Juhan Kundla wrote in message <>...
>AFAIK there is no default password for internal. You have to supply a
>pswd for internal during instance creation using oradim utility. I don't
>know exactly, but in order to change that pswd, you have to either
>recreate your db-instance or there is an option to change that with
>Kenneth C Stahl wrote:
>> What is the default password for INTERNAL. The only time I ever use
>> INTERNAL is when I am logged into UNIX as oracle and then I just simply
>> enter "CONNECT INTERNAL" and it does not prompt for a password. I am
>> aware, of course, that if I am not logged into the os oracle account
>> that I will be prompted for a password if I try to "connect internal"
>> but didn't know that there is actually a password that could be entered
>> there.
>> Ken
>> Ravi Kondamuru wrote:
>> > Hi, I have been able to change the password of SYS from the
>> > default. However I have found that the alias "INTERNAL" still has the
>> > default password. Can someone help me understand how to change the
>> > password for INTERNAL. thanks, - Ravi.
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