Re: VB6 SP3 / ADO2.1 /Ora 8 - "Error - Memory could not be written"

From: Dirk Bellemans <Dirk.Bellemans_at_skynet.belgium>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:09:06 +0200
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[Quoted] The number of parameters that can be used to call a procedure may be limited [Quoted] by your ODBC driver. Try the one from Intersolv. If that can't fix it, your [Quoted] problem is elsewhere and, euh, no longer relevant to oracle newsgroups...

Dirk Bellemans
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jason wrote in message <7op0t2$88b$>...

>The action runs successfully if I limit the number of parameters to 5 but
>this no good to me.
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