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Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 00:21:37 +0100
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Official site of Oracle Press. All book examples are available for download.

I agree when Bellemans states Lulushi's book is incomplete for newbies, but it is an excellent reference from mid to experienced Forms developers. It is also a good reference for those familiar with C/S entering Oracle.

Oracle Developer/2000 Forms: The Practitioner's Guide Albert Lulushi, ISBN 0-13-949033-7, published by Prentice Hall The included CD ROM brings computer based training from CBT Systems

Oracle8 PL/SQL Programming
Scott Urman, ISBN 0-07-882305-6, published by Oracle Press/Osborne/McGraw Hill a good companion.

Dirk Bellemans wrote:

> Paul Dorsey wrote in message ...
> >Of course you can learn on the job, but note that Ann asked about learning
> >on her own.
> [snip]
> >Bottom line, I do not believe that it is possible to become a qualified
> >Oracle professional in a vacume.
> Nobody asked what she already does know. Going from 4D on Mac to Oracle on
> PC is somewhat different than starting from scratch, isn't it?
> Anyway, for a newbie, the book from Lulushi is absolutely incomplete. It
> tells you everything about Forms, but nothing about C/S development. The
> best I've seen that is straight into Oracle comes from Oracle Press
> (Osborne). Forgot the title, though.
> Paul is right in his comments, but hey, isn't Internet a community?
> --
> Dirk Bellemans
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