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From: Breno de Avellar Gomes <>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 00:04:10 +0100
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Hi Skogström,

Oracle Discoverer is a very powerful and easy to use relational OLAP tool. Oracle Express is multidimensional OLAP (features server and client modules)

Please visit

Adobe Acrobat documents are available for download.

Breno Gomes

Mikael Skogström wrote:

> > It would help if you would describe the data you want to analyze.
> That shouldn't be neccessary, really, since we're looking for a general tool, and one that is fairly easy to reconfigure as we get new data fields to take into account.
> But since you're asking, it may be figures like: the size of the circulation in different areas (I'm working for a newspaper), the circulation for the different supplements, etc. [Quoted]
> Our web department may want to use it to analyze the visitor stats and to get a view of which defective URL:s might need a check-up. I know there are specific tools for web stats but we want to be able to use the one and same, so that we won't have to learn how to administrate and program yet another one.
> Mikael

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