Designer/Headstart: Web Toolbar not showing

From: An Nguyen <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 16:41:16 +1000
Message-ID: <x0us3.402$>

Currently I am generating forms within Designer 2.1.2 with Headstart 2.1.2 and deploying them on UNIX.

I have followed headstart documentations ( Chapter 9 WEB Enabling and Deployment ) on displaying the toolbar on the first document Window but the form keeps appearing with no toolbar.

I have followed these steps:
1). Rename the first window of the Form Module in Designer to 'WINDOW' and pointed it to QMSS0$WEB_TOOLBAR_WINDOW. 2). Executed the command "form2lib.exe -i webmol50.fmb -o qmsolb50.olb APPEND" ( There were warnings here about not abling to find certian keys but I guess its ok to ignore it right?) 3). Deploy the form on UNIX.

I have notice that my icons are not showing up within the applications i.e. the arrows on the calendar window. Would this stop the basic body of the toolbar from appearing?

Any help here would be great.

-An Nguyen Received on Thu Aug 12 1999 - 08:41:16 CEST

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