[HELP] How to read Oracle from the Internet?

From: John <jawohl_at_my-deja.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 23:24:31 GMT
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  • MY BACKGROUND: *** [Quoted] I just got a job as a web developer. I am working on a master's in CS and have experience programming in C++/Java, so I can understand whatever you care to reply with. I completed Oracle 7 courses five years ago (when the web was inchoate), took them quite seriously, and took good notes.

My notes brought me back up to speed on Oracle, SQL, SQL*Plus, and SQL/PL, no problem. (Whew.) I also know a lot of HTML & JavaScript & what little XML there is at this point. Know Unix/NT.

  • MY NEED: *** [Quoted] I have to write some methods (an API) so that developers at other companies can read our Oracle tables over the Internet without having to come to our web site, i.e., other developers could call our database and show the results in their web pages.

My dilemma: I am reading everything everywhere (including oracle.com and java.sun.com) about tools that I *think* will allow me to do this: JDBC, Oracle Application Server (OAS), WebDB, etc. Which one's least painful to learn? I know that 3-tiered JDBC is preferable to 2-tiered for scalability, but it's also harder (to write that middle layer). I am getting nervous because I want to come up with something tangible besides this document describing the functions to read our tables. What should I learn? Continue with JDBC? Or use an Oracle product? Both? I HAVE NEVER written code to access an ORACLE TABLE from across the Internet! Java could be a good fit since it's relatively easy to write threads and has security for the 'net. This place currently has Oracle tables connected to web pages via CGI/Perl and they want to get away from that.


ANY words of advice will be greatly comforting. Help-help-help-help- help! I feel powerless and mal-qualified. If I can just read a sample Oracle table over the 'net with some code I will relax. No, I will
*cream.* I have different ISP's to test stuff out with and an Oracle
account so I can make sample tables on our server, etc.

*Thanks* everybody, and sorry for the cross-post.


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