Re: App Dev Certification - Is It Worth It?

From: Kai Sodemann <>
Date: 6 Aug 1999 10:18:01 GMT
Message-ID: <01bedff5$32becfe0$>

I made the certification, but my company was Oracle-Partner and so we didn't pay for the tests.
At the moment nobody is interested in a certification like this. It helps a little to find a new job as e.g. a consultant but most people are interested in the things you did in the last few years. If your company wnat to become a Oracle Partner, you nedd this certification,
otherwise you don't become a partner.

reg Kai

Paul Apollo <> wrote in article <>...
> I want to become certified as an Application Developer. But, I cannot
> justify the expense ($750 in test fees) to my employer. If you're
> certified, has it helped you in any way? If not, why haven't you become
> certified? (I wish I could spend the $750 myself but I'm not at a point
> where I have it to spend.)
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