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From: Marc Mazerolle <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 14:39:16 GMT
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I had a customer with similar requirements a few years back. He wanted us to generate a catalog for MS-Word where he could go in after generation and add pictures and add some logo's and slogan's on some items.

We finally wrote an OCI program to directly generate the catalog directly in RTF. The customer then loaded the RTF in MS-Word and did his jobs. The trick is to define the document structure you need before writting your program. Our customer built a "template" of what he wanted as a catalog (a few pages with section, sub-section heading styles) and saved it in RTF. We decoded the RTF and coded the logic in our program.

Worked fine and produced a huge catalog of 1200 pages.


Marc Mazerolle
InforMaze Technologies wrote:

> We've got the following problem:
> we have to generate a large amount of reports on a oracle database.
> Partly
> they are really complex, so I need the functionality of more than one
> repeating frame etc. The only (and very big) problem is, that the
> customer
> wants to edit the report after generating in MS-Word.
> I tried different possibilities like generating the report in MS-Access
> using ODBC, using VB(A)...but mostly they don't have the needed
> functionality.
> Generating the report using the oracle report builder only leaves the
> rtf-Format for dataexchange with word. The problem is, that sometimes
> Word
> doesn't open this format, and every textfield in the report is in a
> frame in
> word so that editing is nearly impossible because every frame must be
> resized and moved.
> Oracle knows about this problem, but they will not work on a solution
> during
> the next year(s). Microsoft won't be helpful either because they want
> us to
> use SQL-Server or something like that.
> But there must be someone who already solved this problem. Perhaps
> writing
> an own converter to MS-Word doc-format or using a third party product.
> If anyone could help me or knows someone who perhaps knows something
> about
> this problem, please answer.
> Thanx
> MaJon
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