Re: Index troubles with SQLLoader

From: Mark Gumbs <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 09:01:35 +0100
Message-ID: <374ba821.0_at_145.227.194.253>

I use SQL*Loader and have no trouble with indexes. If you use conventional path, it updates the index as it loads each line. If using direct path, because it inserts data directly into data tables and bypassing oracle as such, the indexes may need to be rebuilt after the load. Having said that, i once used direct path and immediately after the load, SQL*Loader rebuilt the index automatically.

HTH Mark wrote in message <7iffhf$glr$>...
>Ok, I done that for all my indexes that are not on the Primary Key
>Nothing is changing.
>I guess the trouble is on my Pk_third index but I need drop my PK before
>I can't do because I had old data in the THIRD table that have their PK
>into others tables : I use SQLLoader in APPEND mode.
>Do I always recreate indexes when I load datas with SQLLoader ?
>Thanks for help.
>Chris Weiss a écrit dans le message <7if2j6$61m$>...
>>Drop and recreate your index before you perform the delete.
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