Re: Oracle Personal and Sql*Plus (only Scott seems to work)

From: wozi <>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:08:13 -0700
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Scott can only see objects in his scheme as well as objects for which he has been granted rights to. SYS users can see everything.

You can log in as SYS and issue the following: GRANT DBA TO scott;

This will grant dba privileges to scott. Note that when you log in as Scott and want to access objects owned by other users such as PeteH, you have to reference that users' name .
For example, to access a table (EMPLOYEE) owned by PeteH) , you would type: Select * from peteh.employee;

there are views you can query like users_tables, all_tables, dba_tables etc.

hope that helps a little.

Pete Heater wrote in message <>...
>I just got the 30 day version of Personal Oracle (rel and I
>installed it. I know about the scott login, but when I use the
>navigator I can see that there are other user names, but when I log in
>using a different name I cannot see the tables (I changed the SYS
>password and I also added a user name (PeteH) with all the Privileges)
>. Only when I log on as scott I can query the tables that are owned
>by scott.
> Shouldn't I be able to query the other user tables if I have
>SYS Privileges? I understand if I log on as scott that I can't query
>demo's tables. What Privileges do I need to be able to query all the
>tables in the database.
> I guess there's a manual on the cd, but I couldn't find what
>I'm looking for.
> Is there a way to see all the tables in sql*plus or am I
>supposed to know what tables exist before I run sql*plus?
>Pete Heater
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