Re: Can you use "If..Then" logic in SQL?

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:42:25 GMT
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You can either use decode (as suggested) or you can build a PL/SQL or JAVA function which is stored in the DB then you can acess the function like any other column.

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simone wrote in message <7gmrnj$r0g$>...

>In the SQL statement doesn't exist IF..then, but you can use
>iif(condition;right result; wrong result)
>Mitch ha scritto nel messaggio <7ganjk$de6$>...
>>-- I am programming a VB app that pulls data from an Oracle 8 database
>>Access for further manipulation. I am trying to figure out if there is a
>>way using either Oracle or Jet SQL to use "If..Then" logic in my SQL
>>For example,
>>"Select Table1.*, Table2.* where Table1.Key = Table2.Key (this is where
>>not sure about the syntax) and If Table2.Price and Table2.Date are NULL
>>Table1.Price, Table1.Date Else Table2.Price and Table2.Date"
>>I am sure I could just pull all records from the Oracle database into
>>and then use DAO methods to create another recordset that meets the above
>>criteria, but that's bound to be very slow. I'd like to use strictly SQL
>>possible. Any and all suggestions (Oracle, Access or VB) are appreciated.
>>Mitch Abaza
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