Re: Deveoper 6.0 ( FormsBuilder )

From: Paul Dorsey <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:42:26 GMT
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see answers below

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Rose Noel Kamene wrote in message <7h526d$2mls$>...

>Dear All,
>I am using the above an have following problems.
>.. When I double click on a trigger's icon the PL/SQL editor fails to open.
I have experienced this when I loaded Developer and then Designer. I had to reinstall Developer.
>.. I have created a form with a block based on table containing a LONG
> RAW column. The photograph stored in this column fails appear in my
> form when I execute a query. How can I get forms to display this
> photo.
My experience with this has been due to Form's inability to show all types of tif files (yes there are several varieties). Make sure you can figure out how to get anything to display then you can play with different formats.
>Thanks in advance.
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